Walmart’s shares fell heavily on Tuesday this week after earnings showed that inflation is starting to impact Walmart’s operating costs.

The company anticipate inflation impacting their 2023 EPS growth view. They revised it down to -1% from the previous projection of 5-6%. However, revenue for 2023 was revised up 4% from 3% prior.

Will we see Walmart being bought on the dip? Now the future of Walmart’s share prices will depend on a number of factors, not just on how strong Walmart’s seasonals are.

Over the last 15 years Walmart has only lost value once between now and the end of the year. That was in 2015.

Does that mean it makes sense to buy Walmart stock again to hold until the year end?

Major trade risks: If Inflation continues to rise, then the EPS outlook for 2023 could become even worse. A US recession would also impact the outlook for Walmart’s share prices.

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