A Kremlin spokesperson said on Tuesday that it was too early to assess the results of the latest talks with Ukraine and noted that President Vladimir Putin was briefed on the matter, as reported by Reuters.

Additional takeaways

“We need to analyse and think about perspective after talks with Ukraine.”

“Ukraine’s EU application is not a strategic security question because EU is not a military bloc.”

“Not in a position to give an assessment of the military situation, this is a question for the defence ministry.”

“Russian forces are not hitting civilian infrastructure and housing, this is ruled out.”

“Kremlin blames reports of attacks on civilian targets on ‘nationalist groups using people as human shields.”

“No plan at the moment for Putin to speak to Zelenskyy.”

“Sanctions imposed against Putin personally have no effect at all.”

“There can be no question of sanctions forcing us to change our position.”

“Russia categorically rejects accusations of war crimes.”

“Allegations Russia used cluster bombs or vacuum bombs are fake.”

“Russia considers Zelenskyy legitimate president of Ukraine.”

“Zelenskyy could give the command to lay down arms and then there would be no casualties.”

Market reaction

EUR/USD remains on the back foot as market mood continues to sour in the European session. As of writing, the pair was down 0.42% on the day at 1.1172.

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