• NVDA stock falls sharply on Monday as tech woes continue.
  • Nvidia Corp shares fall to $219.17, down over 5% on Monday.
  • NVDA stock is now down 25% year to date.

NVDA stock closed sharply lower on Monday as rising yields and fears over the global economy hit once high-flying semiconductor stocks. AMD was also in the crosshairs of investors as it closed down 3.6%. The Nasdaq closed lower by 2.35% and was the worst-performing US index on Monday.

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Fears over increasingly hawkish moves by the Fed have continued to dent investor sentiment toward the tech sector over the last week. Fed board members have been giving increasingly hawkish commentary and bond yields have risen sharply.

Added to this the fears over the demand side of the equation have also resurfaced with a series of poor economic data from China, the US, and the EU. Finally, lockdown fears in China have added to supply chain issues and many manufacturing plants in China are closed. 

NVDA stock news: Rating downgrades and price cuts

NVDA stock was hit by a downgrade from RW Baird on Monday. The firm downgraded the stock from outperform to neutral and gave it a significant price target cut, from $360 to $225. That is a huge move. RW Baird cited a demand shortage as the reason with demand for GPUs is likely to be hit by a change to the Ethereum fork. This means mining for Ethereum will not need GPU units that are a staple of NVidia.

There have been other price target reductions for NVDA and last week Trust said it had found “hard evidence of order cuts”.  However, as is the case there is always a buyer for every seller and this morning we note a buy rating from KeyBanc with a $310 price target.

Nvidia and other chip manufacturers were of the top-performing stocks and sectors in 2021. 2022 is seeing some more defensive positioning meaning these stocks are being hit as investors look to more risk-off bets. This is not likely to change any time soon with Tuesday’s CPI data likely to be rampant and an imminent 50bps rate hike from the Fed.

NVDA stock forecast: $210 is the key support

NVDA stock is approaching a massive support level of around $210. The stock had looked to be turning the trend around when it broke above the $267.40 level and put in a higher high at $289. If this is indeed correct then $210 just needs to hold.

A break below means this bounce was not followed through and NVDA will target $178 with an obvious psychological barrier at $200 along the way. Below $200 there is a large volume gap until $150 meaning this break could be quick and the probability increases of a further move lower if $200 is broken. 

NVDA stock price chart

NVDA stock chart, daily

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