In his usual post-Fed meeting press conference, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that the FOMC is “of a mind” to raise interest rates at the March meeting. 

Additional Remarks:

“The ultimate focus we have is on the real economy.”

“Financial conditions matter to the extent they have implications for fed’s two goals.”

“Financial conditions matter when they affect dual goals.”

“We are not looking at any one market.”

“Our communications with markets is working.”

“Financial conditions are reflecting in advance the Fed’s decision.”

“We will make the decision whether to raise rates at the March meeting.”

“We do expect some softening from Omicron, but think it will be temporary.”

“We have our eye on risks around the world, but the economy should hold up.”

“We do expect this year, but slower than we had expected, that supply chain problems will ebb.”

“We will react however inflation moves.”

“We are well aware this is a different economy to last tightening cycle.”

“If the situation is different than thought, will change our balance sheet plan as needed.”

“It’s time to stop asset purchases and, at the appropriate time, to start shrinking the balance sheet.”

“There’s a substantial amount of balance shrinkage to be done.”

“We want balance sheet shrinkage to be orderly, predictable.”

“After we get underway with rates, then we’ll turn to balance sheet.”

“We will have another discussion on the balance sheet at our next meeting, and at least one at the meeting after that.”

“We will discuss the balance sheet at the next two meetings.”

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