UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that we have to reserve the possibility of taking further action on Covid-19. We will rule out nothing in the fight against Covid-19, he said, adding that we will go further if we need to. 

Additional Takeaways: 

“Nobody wanted things to go this way but Omicron has exploded so fast.”

“The situation is extremely difficult, arguments are finely balanced.”

“Omicron hospitalisations are rising steeply in London.”

“In view of the balance of risks/uncertainties on Omicron hospitalisations, we agreed to keep the data under constant review, hour by hour.”

“We’re looking at all kinds of things to keep omicron under control.”

“We regret the impact on the economy.”

“Important we look after the hospitality industry and other sectors.”

“We will keep the economic side of this under constant review.”

Market Reaction

GBP has not seen any reaction to the latest remarks, with sterling traders on notice for a potential tightening of lockdown curbs before the end of the year. 

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