While NATO believes the military conflict in Ukraine will continue, there is a glimmer of hope stemming from last week’s peace talks that has been updated in the following article:

However, Vladimir Putin’s meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskyy will only take place after the development of a specific written document by the Russian Federation and Ukraine, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin Press Secretary has stated. 

The Russian chief negotiator Vladimir Rostislavovich said Moscow-Kyiv talks will resume on Monday experts to continue work on the agreement. Medinsky said that a draft treaty between Russia and Ukraine is not yet ready “for submission to a summit meeting,” although Ukraine has become more realistic about its neutral and non-nuclear status.

Further key updates

Georgia PM says will not impose economic sanctions against Russia.

Germany refused to supply Kyiv with 100 units of marder-type infantry fighting vehicles.

Zelensky said that Ukraine has not received security guarantees from any country.

The Russian defence ministry says scenes in the city of Bucha were staged to distribute photos, and videos via western media.

US Blinken says western sanctions may be lifted depending on the outcome of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

Peskov is convinced that the goals of the military operation in Ukraine will be achieved in full.

Russia wants to declare victory over Ukraine by May 9; US intelligence believes that Russia wants to take Donbas under full control by May 9.

Poland is ready to deploy us nuclear weapons on its soil, Polish deputy prime minister Kaczynski.

Market implications

As talks continue, this should be a positive backdrop for the open this week. Risk assets such as gold could struggle from the off.

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