US Stocks: ELLIOTT WAVE ANALYSIS Tesla (TSLA) Amazon (AMZN) Apple (AAPL) Alphabet (GOOGL) Facebook (FB) Meta Platforms (META) Microsoft (MSFT) JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Technical Analysis & Day Trading Strategies.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Apple (AAPL).
07:47 Amazon (AMZN).
10:31 Alphabet (GOOGL).
11:05 Meta Platforms (FB).
11:43 Microsoft (MSFT).
13:15 Tesla (TSLA).
14:55 Square (SQ).
15:16 JPMorgan Chase (JPM) GS BAC.
21:33 Thanks for watching!

US Stocks Amazon AMZN, Alphabet GOOGL, Apple AAPL, Microsoft MSFT, Facebook FB, Meta Platforms, Tesla TSLA. Elliott Wave Analysis counts below.

Stock strategies and analysis overview: Using Apple and the US banks as the Elliott Wave template for the markets. Apple is approaching Wave (c) of b) of 2 of (5), once this is completed,
we can look to build long positions into Wave 3 of (5) for many of the stocks and indices

US Stocks Elliott Wave Analysis:
Apple AAPL  Elliott Wave  Tracking two bullish counts.
Amazon AMZN  Elliott Wave (i) of c) of 2 of (5).
Alphabet GOOGL  Elliott Wave (iii) of c) of 2 of (5).
Meta Platforms FB Elliott Wave (iii) of c) of (4).
Microsoft MSFT  Elliott Wave (c) of b) of 2 of (5).
Tesla TSLA  Elliott Wave (a) of ii) of 3 of (5).
Square SQ Elliott Wave iii of (v) of v) of c of (2).
JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Elliott Wave (c) of b) of 2 of (5).

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