As markets head towards the key data/events, it becomes important to know the key risk catalysts surrounding the main events.

Among the data, the March month US PMIs and Durable Goods Orders for February will decorate the calendar whereas the latest headlines from the US, the UK and Russia pose challenges to the market sentiment. The reason could be linked to US President Joe Biden’s visit to the European friends from North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Starting with the US, “The first shipment from a new, $800 million arms package for Ukraine that U.S. President Joe Biden authorized last week will start flying out of the United States in the next day or so, and will not take long to reach Ukraine, a senior U.S. defense official said on Wednesday,” per Reuters.

On the other hand, the UK is believed to have sent 6,000 missiles and $33 million for the Ukrainian military.

In response, the US Embassy in Moscow received a list of diplomats considered, “persona non grata” by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Following the Russian notice, the US media quoted the White House communiqué urging Russia to stop expelling diplomats and personnel.

Market reaction

The news weighs on the market sentiment and challenges AUD/USD around a four-month high.

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